Windows VPS

Windows or Linux VPS Hosting deployed in various locations through out the USA and Canada. BitCoin (BTC) and many other crypto currencies are accepted as Payment.

  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
  • Based on KVM Virtualization
  • Full SSH Acces and Unlimited Control

1000 MBps Port Access

All ports set to Full Duplex 1000 Mbps

Windows VPS Hosting

Cheap Windows VPS fully Scalable.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Affordable Private Dedicated Server

What Makes Cheap Windows VPS Awesome?

Hosting a Windows VPS on a Server edition certainly does have some great benefits especially when it comes to backup solutions. The Windows Server VPS can perform automated backups of the entire system which means that you will have the ability to restore your entire system along with all the previously installed programs. For such additional services network storage is required but it is one of the greatest tools to automate your backup process.

Many DataCenters to Choose

  • All Locations 1 GBps Port
  • Real USA and Canadian IPs
  • Full VNC Remote Access
  • Full Administrator Access
  • 24/7 Technican Support
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Large Resource Servers

  • Fully Scalable CPU
  • Based on SSD or HDD
  • 10 TB Guranted Bandwidth
  • 24 / 7 Technical Support
  • Based on Cloud Technology
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Windows VPS Hosting

  • Self Manage Windows VPS
  • Add Plesk Website Control Panel
  • Full Administrator Access
  • Auto Reinstall Windows VPS
  • KVM and VMware Technology
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Buy Windows VPS deployed in Canada

VPS Hosting in Canada and USA with real Canadian IP addresses. Buy Windows VPS deployed in Canada or the USA from with confidence. We offer over 7 different locations and you have the freedom to choose any operating system even Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Cheap Windows VPS Plans

All Our Windows VPS comes with the choice of any Windows Operating system, 1 Free Dedicated IPv4 Address, Full administrator user credentials and real 24/7 Support. All the Windows VPS Hosting plans at have the option to add a home version of Windows for the End User using Remote Desktop to manage their system in a more user friendly manner because not all users are comfortable using Windows Server versions.

$ 10.00 / mo
  • Windows 1.0
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 2 Cores vCPU
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 25 GB SSD Space
  • 250 - 1000 Mbps Port
  • 24/7 VPS Support
$ 18.00 / mo
  • Linux VPS 2.0
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 4 Cores vCPU
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 40 GB SSD Space
  • 250 - 1000 Mbps Port
  • 24/7 VPS Support
$ 89.99 / mo
  • Dedicated Server 3.0
  • 48 GB Memory
  • 16 Cores
  • 20 TB/mo Bandwidth
  • 250 SSD GB Space
  • 250 - 1000 Mbps Port
  • 24/7 Free Support
$ 35.00 / mo
  • Windows VPS 4.0
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 8 Cores vCPU
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 80 GB SSD Space
  • 250 - 1000 Mbps Port
  • 24/7 VPS Support
$ 89.99 / y
  • 30GB SSD Space
  • 1024MB Memory
  • 1 Core vCPU
  • 1TB/mo Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 50 E-mails
  • 50 FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Free Support
$ 109.49 / y
  • 50GB SSD Space
  • 2024MB Memory
  • 2 Core vCPU
  • 2TB/mo Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 100 E-mails
  • 100 FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Free Support
$ 179.49 / y
  • 100GB SSD Space
  • 4024MB Memory
  • 2 Core vCPU
  • 1.5TB/mo Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 150 E-mails
  • 150 FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Free Support
$ 219.99 / y
  • 200GB SSD Space
  • 4024MB Memory
  • 3 Core vCPU
  • 5TB/mo Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 300 E-mails
  • 300 FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Free Support

Full Administrator User

With full Adminstrator Users access to your Windows VPS, you can fully manage your system as the Administrator.

Scalable VPS

Rest assured that no data will be lost during an upgrade. Our systems allows you to upgrade your server seeminglessly

Daily Backups

Windows Server offers phenomenal backup features which will enable you to backup your entire system. This means your entire C: Drive and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions our customers often ask us.

We have prepared a special tutorial on how to connect to your VPS with a normal Windows PC or Mac.

We use KVM Virtualization software and VMWare to host our Windows VPS.

Our system uses php mail which will often land the emails in the spam / junk folder. Please whitelist our email address after you have located the emails in your spam box.

Setup normally takes 30 minutes to 6 hours after payment is confirmed. You will normally have after 1 hours.

We accept USD currency and CAD Currency is only available to Canadian Residence.

Managed VPS VPS Control Panel

Manage your VPS from the Members Area.

Not only are you able to pay with Crypto Currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX and many other digital currencies, you have the ability to fully manage your VPS from the client area and you will be able to untilize our live chat feature. We understand it is very concerning when you are [ . . . ]

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Add users to VPS System Dekstop End User: Client Access License (CALs)

Multiple Users on Remote Dekstop

Given the specs of your VPS System, you can have more than 2 users logged in at the same time. The standard Windows License will allow 2 simultaneous users but if more users are needed you can purchase a Client Access License from [email protected] [ . . . ]

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Go beyond usual performance with a fast Windows VPS

Do you need a hosting plan that can help you handle traffic spikes on your website while beefing up its security side? At Windows VPS, we have something that can be of benefit to you. We’re a Canada-based provider of virtual private server solutions that maximize the resources you can avail yourself of. Based on KVM and VMware, our plans take virtualization up a notch and ace performance with stability for a fail-proof online experience.

Our VPS Windows servers are strategically located throughout Canada and the U.S. to ensure lightning-fast loading speed for our customers’ websites. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re from North America or not. We can serve website owners worldwide by providing a tailored plan for everyone.

Get the ball rolling with the right Windows VPS plan

A VPS can be beneficial for gaming, events, e-commerce, and ticket sites, to name a few. But first, you need to decide which plan suits yours:

  • -Windows-based VPS. With a plan for this operating system, you will get superuser access to keep your server under control. It will enable you to tweak your OS or software without being affected by other websites in the same virtual environment. Plus, you can scale your server whenever you need it, as our Windows plans allow for different configurations of RAM, CPU, and disk space.
  • -Linux VPS. Like our Windows VPS hosting packages, all our Linux plans come with root access and smooth resource allocation. What makes them different from those is that they bring cPanel and Plesk to the table. For Linux fans, these control panels are must-have helpers when managing their virtual servers and websites.
  • -Shared hosting. If you’re only getting started and don’t need tons of resources, it pays to go shared. This way, you can leverage straightforward server management and avoid a crippling financial blow. Our shared hosting plans are also easily scalable, so you can upgrade or switch to a VPS at any time.

When using our shared solutions, Linux, or Windows VPS in Canada, you can rest easy knowing your site is in safe hands. Daily backups and 24/7 support are key to all our plans for your peace of mind.

From now on, you can even pay for your coveted plan with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. We do strive to facilitate things a bit and set up your server in a wink, be it a cheap Windows VPS or a more elaborate Linux one with 8-core processors.

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